Nano Diamond Batteries: A battery lasts for thousands of years without charging

Nano Diamond Batteries: A battery lasts for thousands of years without charging


Everyday we use many electronics devices that run on Lithium-ion battery. We should recharge it in time to time. What will happen when scientist invent a battery which does not require recharge in our lifetime? Well, we are going to discuss about Nano Diamond Battery and its future possibilities.

Nano Diamond Battery is made from nuclear waste of graphite. Graphite is converted into diamond which will provide power efficiently as both of them are made up of carbon. (Nano Diamond Battery) company is committed to develop and manufacture of NDB for clean and green energy solution in the future.

How will Nano Diamond Battery work?

Carbon-14 is a nuclear waste which decays to form Nitrogen-14 and beta particles. As we know, Nitrogen-14 is not harmful to living being and beta particle means electrons which will provide energy to the batteries.                                   

Are Nano Diamond batteries dangerous to us?

There is no doubt that Nano Diamond Battery is dangerous to health of living organism. The energy of a radioactive element is so much higher that we can not maintain it easily as we do for solar energy.

The energy from electrons should be controlled because they have potential to provide energy for thousands of years. This battery is made from radioactive waste, so that, it can damage our internal organs along with our DNAs.

 What are its solutions?

The large amount of radioactivity of Carbon-14 can be concentrated on the inner wall of graphite by heating it to the sublimation point (i.e. 3642 °C). After that, graphite will be less radioactive due to which its effects will be reduced.

NDB Company says that they will use proper nanostructure which will be a highly advanced safety feature to protect us from radiation.

Future aspects of Nano Diamond Battery (NDB)

If this company success in its research, it will have a bright future. This battery does not produce any pollution in the surrounding. So, we can replace different polluting energy sources with it.

It is said that this battery can work up to 28,000 years without charging. This technology will not limited to batteries only, but it also can be used in automobiles, electronic devices, aeroplanes, machines in factory and such other power consuming devices and machines.

Not only that, it is much useful in space missions because large amount of energy is required for rockets and spacecrafts. After this, we will be able to do solar system and interstellar travel. 

Fig: Spaceship



We should consider its both aspects (i.e. positive and negative aspects. In one hand, this technology will be long lasting and environment friendly energy source while it is too much risky for our health on the other hands. Lets see what will happen in the future...

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